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Under The Sea 20263

Under The Sea 20263 wall mural


Under The Sea 20263


Pre-Pasted  Washable and Strippable

This mural consists of 3 panels and requires hand trimming

All Pieces Included!
Ocean Mural - approx. size: w48" x h48"
Dolphin - approx. size: w18" x h35.5"
Killer Whale - approx. size: w20.75" x h31.5"
2 Fish - approx. size: w8.5" x h9"

Fish Pack 20256


Look More Fish!
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Colorful underwater scenery is a favorite with all ages. Much research was done to depict real sea creatures. This theme is very fun to decorate with because so many whimsical underwater accessories already exist. In addition to the main mural, you will receive three additional murals pieces which can be placed where you like to integrate the theme around the room. A Creative Idea sheet is included with the mural for additional decorating hints and tips. Have fun!


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